Free Range Eggs

Free Range

The Welfare of Laying Hens Directive stipulates that for eggs to be termed 'free range', hens must have continuous daytime access to runs which are mainly covered with vegetation and with a maximum stocking density of 2,500 birds per hectare. The hen house conditions for free range hens must comply with the regulations for birds kept in barn systems. Additional Requirements Of The Lion Code of Practice stipulates the same additional standards for Lion Quality free range eggs as for Lion Quality barn eggs plus provision of outdoor shading in absence of a veranda and one pop-hole per 600 birds


Hens producing organic eggs are always free range. In addition, hens must be fed an organically produced diet and ranged on organic land. Organic eggs are produced in the UK according to criteria set by the Advisory Committee on Organic Standards (ACOS) - which sets basic standards for organic production in the UK, in line with EU legislation.  There are a number of organic certification bodies that operate in the UK including the Soil Association, Organic Farmers and Growers and Organic Food Federation. However, the majority of organic eggs sold comply with the standards of Organic Farmers


In the barn system, hens are able to move around the house. The Welfare of Laying Hens Directive stipulates a maximum stocking density of 9 hens per square metre of useable floor space for systems installed since 1st January 2002. Perches for the hens must be installed to allow 15 centimetres of perch per hen. Litter must account for one third of the ground surface. This is used for scratching and dust bathing.

One nest box per five hens or communal nests, at the rate of 120 birds/m² of floor area of communal nest, is provided. Linear feeders provide at least 10 cm per hen, or circular feeders provide at least 4 cm per hen.


We offer a range of speciality eggs. Our quails eggs are sourced from Sussex, our Goose eggs from Norfolk and our Duck eggs from Kent. We only ever work with the very best producers who supply us with the finest freshest speciality eggs available.