6kg Calor Lite

6kg Calor Lite 6kg Calor Lite
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6kg Calor Lite


The 6kg CalorLite® gas bottle is suitable for Caravans and motorhomes

We supply 2 gas bottle groups as shown below. You can exchange a gas bottle within the group, without having to pay for an extra Cylinder Refill Agreement. If you wish to exchange your gas bottle, for a bottle in another group, then your purchase will be subject to an extra Cylinder Refill Agreement at an additional cost shown in table below.

Refill agreement costs

If a customer wishes to obtain a cylinder from another group they must take out an additional cylinder agreement at an additional cost, shown in the table below.

Group A,


Group B


  • EAN code
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  • Weight (kg)
  • Height (in m)
  • Fuel
    Gas (propane), Gas (butane)

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