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Welcomes you to Ripley Nurseries - Garden Centre and Farm Shop we are located on the Old Portsmouth Road coaching route between Cobham and Guildford just 2 miles from RHS Wisley in the Village of Ripley. Our Farm Shop is full of fresh produce and local products with a dedicated Florist and Garden Sundries department. We have been serving the local community since 1895 see our history page and among our patrons we served Sir Winston Churchill at Chartwell and Wimbeldon Tennis grounds.

Getting dahlias through winter

Dahlias are among the loveliest of late-summer bulbs, flowering their socks off for weeks on end (especially if you dead-head them regularly to keep the blooms coming).

You can choose a dahlia to suit your garden whatever your style: spidery cactus varieties like 'Black Narcissus' for a…

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Herbaceous Tidy

If you have not done so already its not to late to get out on a dry day and cut back in the garden. If your soil is heavy use a wide board placed between the plants to get in between the plants, if your soil is light a frosty day can allow clean access. Once you have cut back and removed debris fork over the surface around the plants and bury annual weeds. Whilst out with the fork it's not to late to roughly dig over vegetable plots to expose the soil to frosts. This not only breaks the soil down for spring sowing but also kills off a good number of annual weed seed.