Plant of the Week: Autumn/winter pansies

Plant of the Week: Autumn/winter pansies

With summer bedding displays coming to an end in a few weeks' time, it's all change – and one of the best replacements for colour and sheer longevity of flowering is the trusty winter pansy.

Most pansies come in a 'series', a group of flowers with similar characteristics, whether it's whiskering on the petals, or pastel colours, or dark centres. Among our favourites are the super-reliable Ultima series which flowers even in the harshest of weather; the Cats series, with quirky whiskered flowers, and Northern Lights in pretty pastels. Fill containers with nothing but pansies, or tuck them among red-stemmed dogwoods or cyclamen for a display of winter cheer.

Keeping down weeds

Weeds, so the saying goes, are just plants in the wrong place. The trouble is, there are so many of them. However much you might think dandelions are pretty, or ground elder has elegant leaves, if you stop to admire them too long you (and your plants) will quickly be overrun.

You'll pro…

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Slugs in containers

Keep slugs off container-grown plants by placing the pots on bricks set in wide saucers of water. Slugs can't swim, so if you keep the saucers topped up it makes an unbridgeable gap the slimy critters can't cross. And that means they'll go elsewhere, leaving your precious plants alone.

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