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Plant of the Week: Heathers

Plant of the Week: Heathers

Heathers may be modest little plants, but at this time of year they really earn their keep. Carpets of white, pink, red and purple flowers over a background of evergreen foliage are a sight for sore eyes as winter slowly recedes: partner with early bulbs such as snowdrops and crocuses for a positive firework display of colour.

Choose from three main types: Ericas are the classic heather and most need acidic soil (E. carnea is the useful exception). Daboecias have larger flowers and will cope with any conditions. Both bloom from November to March – but there’s another heather, Calluna, which flowers in late summer into autumn.

Growing grapevines

Of all the fruit you can grow in the garden, a grapevine is among the most productive and beautiful. All you need is a sunny wall, fence or pergola for it to scramble up and it'll cheerfully cover the whole thing with big elegant leaves turning brilliant colours in autumn, and of course fat cl…

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Force rhubarb

Start forcing your rhubarb now. Remove any plant debris or weeds from around the rhubarb and then place a plastic bin or a traditional forcing pot over the top of the crowns, and plug any holes to exclude light. Once the stems get reach 8-12in (20-30cm) you can harvest them.

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