Bark & Mulches

Utilizing landscape bark chippings and mulch offers a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution for concealing unsightly soil. These materials provide an attractive surface for borders, flower beds, and various planted areas. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, bark and mulch serve multiple practical purposes in the garden.

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What is ornamental bark?

Ornamental bark chippings represent a more aesthetically pleasing type of bark chip, perfect for enhancing decorative areas that don't require composted mulch material. These chippings serve both a decorative and functional purpose when used as a border for mulch coverage, providing protection against frost and aiding in moisture retention. As the bark chips gradually decompose, they rejuvenate the soil's structure, permeability, biological activity, and nutrient availability, all of which are vital for maintaining thriving plants. This bark is harvested from a blend of coniferous trees, primarily featuring spruce and pine. Ornamental bark is the ideal choice for landscaping projects where budget constraints are a consideration, while still valuing the aesthetic appeal of the product.

How to use ornamental bark?

You can apply bark at any point during the year, provided that the soil remains moist. To minimize unnecessary evaporation from the soil surface, it's recommended to have a layer of ornamental bark that's at least 5 centimetres thick. We supply bark in easy to handle 50 and 60-litre bags at competitive prices.