Peat Free & Organic Compost

Looking to switch up your gardening routine? Our eco-friendly Peat Free and Organic Products may be just what you need! These products are quite a bit easier on the environment than other types of compost. The compost is a blend of plant-based materials, including composted bark fines and PAS100 certified soil improver with added nutrients. Order online today!

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Why peat free compost is the future

We take pride in offering you a 100% peat-free general-purpose planting compost. This compost is ideal for a wide range of applications where the aim is to enrich the soil with nutrients and improve its structure. If your commitment lies in cultivating the finest plants while being environmentally responsible and avoiding the use of peat, you've found the right source.

It's important to note that peat usage contributes to the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, thus contributing to climate change. The extensive extraction of peat has also had detrimental effects on wildlife, endangering some species to the brink of extinction. In contrast, our products contain only natural ingredients and have no adverse impact on groundwater. Furthermore, they enhance plant growth by providing essential nutrition, thanks to their 100% organic composition.

Why compost is necessary

It is necessary to add compost to your garden soil in order to prevent it from becoming exhausted and the soil structure from deteriorating. Compost contains organic nutrients which are released slowly into the soil so plants can absorb them. This promotes healthy root growth and helps keep our plants healthy during winter! With compost, you mix organic matter into your soil which result nourishes it. For the ornamental garden, spread a layer of 2 to 5 millimetres of compost around your plants and lightly turn the soil with a rake. Compost can be applied year-round, but during spring and autumn is most common.