Fruit and Veg

 We Love our Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit & Berries   Vegetables & Root
Apple Braeburns    Artichoke Globe each
Apple Cooking   Artichoke Jerusalem
Apple Cox   Asparagus (bunch)
Apples Granny Smith   Aubergines
Apples Red Washington   Beans fine loose
Avocado each   Beetroot pkts
Banana   Beetroot with leaf (bunch)
Blueberries (Punnet) each   Broccoli Heads
Clementine's   Brussels Sprouts loose
Cranberries pkts   Brussels Sprouts Tree each
Grapefruit Pink each   Butternut Squash
Grapefruit White each   Cabbage - Pointed each
Grapes Red seedless   Cabbage - Primo each
Grapes White seedless   Cabbage - Red
Kiwi each   Cabbage - Savoy each
Lemons each   Cabbage - White
Limes each   Carrots root
Lychees   Carrots with Top bunch
Mango each   Cauliflower each
Melon Galia each   Celeriac root
Melon Honeydew each   Celery head each
Oranges Juicing   Courgettes 
Oranges Large each   Fennel bulb
Papaya Formosa each   Leeks with leaf
Pears Confrence   Mangetout (pkts)
Pears William   Mushrooms Button 
Pineapple each   Mushrooms Brown Cups
Pomegranates each   Mushrooms Cups 
Raspberries (Punnet)   Mushrooms Flat
Satsuma   Mushrooms Portabella
Strawberries (Punnet)   Mushrooms Wild Mixed pkts
    Onion 60-80mm
Dates & Nuts   Onion 80-120mm Spanish
Chestnuts   Onions Red 60-80mm
Dates pkts   Onions Shallot
Dates loose Mejool   Onions Shallot Banana
Nuts Almonds   Parsnips root
Nuts Hazel   Potatoes Bakers 40's or 50's
Nuts Walnuts   Potatoes Cyprus
    Potatoes Desiree Red
Salad & Leaf   Potatoes King Edwards
Bean sprouts Packs each   Potatoes Washed Whites
Beetroot pre-pack long life   Potatoes New Salad
Chillies birds eye (pkts)   Potatoes Sweet
Chillies Green / Red   Spinach Pre Packed (250gm)
Cress (Punnet)   Sugarsnap (pkts)
Cucumber baby each   Swede root
Cucumber each   Sweet corn Baby (pkts)
Lettuce Chicory   Turnip root
Lettuce Cos Lettuce    
Lettuce Lolo Bionda   Herbs (bunch Pkts)
Lettuce Lolo Rossa   Basil (bunch)
Lettuce Iceberg   Bay leaves (pkts)
Lettuce Little Gems 2x2   Coriander (bunch)
Lettuce Oakleaf   Dill (bunch)
Lettuce Pak-Choi 2x2   Garlic bulb large
Lettuce Rocket per pkts   Ginger Root Ginger
Lettuce Mix leaf per pkts   Horseradish root each
Onions Salad (bunch)   Lemon Grass each stick
Pepper sweet Green each   Mint (bunch)
Pepper sweet Red each   Oregano (bunch)
Pepper sweet Yellow each   Parsley curly (bunch)
Radish bunch each   Parsley Flat (bunch)
Tomatoes Salad   Sage (bunch)
Tomatoes Beefsteak   Tarragon (bunch)
Tomatoes Cherry pun   Thyme (bunch)
Tomatoes Cherry on vine   Thyme lemon (bunch)
Tomatoes Salad on vine    
Tomatoes Plum    
Water Cress (bunch)