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In our farm shop nearby, we sell various types of fresh foods. We are connected to multiple authentic food brands, such as Ripley Fudge and Horsley Honey. Our farm shop is renowned for its variety of products, ranging from tomatoes to meat. For good, nutritious food, visit our local farm shop! And the best thing? Our Farm Shop is only a short drive from the following locations!

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Nowadays people seem to pay closer attention to where their food comes from. There is more awareness of our environment, which results in more people buying bioproducts. Most of the time, and especially in our farm shop, those products are less expensive than the same products in the supermarket. This is just using common sense. Locally grown and produced foods don’t have to travel from place to place. Our products are fresh, biological and fully produced near your residence. There are several reasons to take a look for yourself, right?

What’s unique in our farm shop?

In our farm shop, we have an extensive range of healthy, nutritious and tasty foods. Such as fruits, vegetables and other groceries. Some of our products are:  

  • Award-winning sausages from Bangers Galore;

  • Fresh eggs from the Surrey lands;

  • Local-sourced honey from Surrey’s bees;

  • Fresh vegetables, like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kale, pumpkins, peppers, artichokes, tomatoes, Aspergers and cucumbers;

  • Seasonal fruit, strawberries, pears, apples, mangos, papaya, tangerines, figs, lemons, limes and raspberries;

  • Traditional pastries, like pasties, pies, cakes and quiches;

  • Green cuisine herbs to add taste to any dish;

  • Fresh cutflowers;

  • English tea blends to enjoy during the Afternoon Tea.

The point of eating naturally growing foods

There are a lot of benefits to eating naturally grown foods instead of regular supermarket fruits and vegetables. The biggest benefit is ditching pesticides. Most pesticides are used heavily in conventional farming, posing a serious risk to human health. Pesticide use has been linked to many health problems, including hormonal and neurological disorders and fertility issues. Switching to organic produce is the best way to avoid these nasty chemicals. Another great benefit is having an improved digestion. Switching to organic food can help reduce the risk of many digestive problems because they are less likely to be contaminated with bacteria that could cause digestive problems. Lastly, organic-grown fruits and vegetables contain more vitamins and nutrients. Conventional crops need to grow fast, and contain more water due to that. When letting them grow at their speed, the levels of nutrients are much higher.

Our family-owned farm shop in Ripley, near Byfleet, sells all kinds of farm food. These freshly produced products are quite nutritious and are grown in organic ways. Using pesticides will, in our vision, only ruin the natural way of growing fruits and vegetables. Visit our farm shop seven days a week or choose farm shop delivery for having our authentic British products shipped to your doorstep in Byfleet. We offer free delivery within a range of 20 miles. Including South West London, Woking, Guildford, Weybridge, Cobham, Leatherhead and Farnham. Some of the products available in our farm shop are for example:

  • Fruits;

  • Vegetables;

  • Groceries.

Facilities at our local farm shop

By going to the market about four times a week, we make sure the products we sell at the farm shop are fresh and fairly priced. This means our products are organic, nutritious and most of the time better prices than the products in your supermarket. Going to the farm shop can be a fun day out, especially for children. At the farm shop, they can learn about healthy food and how it is produced at local farms. If you want to visit our farm shop, it is possible to park your car onsite. At the shop, it is also possible to purchase refreshments during shopping. As we have outdoor seating, you can enjoy these refreshments out in the open, breathing in the fresh air of the countryside. Hopefully, we will see you soon! You are welcome to visit our farm shop seven days a week to buy super fresh farm foods!

Byfleet farm shop? Ripley Nurseries and Farm Shop!

If you want to cook with fresh foods to feed your family nutritious meals, get your groceries at our farm shop in Ripley, Surrey. We have everything you need onsite! Visit our farm shop, enjoy our refreshments and pick carefully grown fruits and vegetables.  All the best products can be found at our family-owned farm shop. Looking for outdoor plants or garden sheds in Ripley? You will find both also at Ripley Nurseries and Farm Shop. See you soon at Ripley Nurseries and Farm Shop, near Byfleet!

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