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Our Compost is RHS approved ensuring that your plants get the absolute best start. A good Compost makes all the difference to establishing new plants into your garden borders, pots and container. Our range includes Organic and Peat free composts, we also have specialist blends for Ericaceous loving plants, seedlings and potting. All are available in carrying home bags for collection alternatively we offer a local delivery service for orders over £25 which we charge £10 per delivery.

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Potting compost

There are many different types of potting compost available. If you wonder what kind of potting compost is best for your garden use then follow our tips. Bedding plants, border plants and container plants all need the right compost for optimal growth. Besides multi-purposed composts, we also offer specialist composts for exceptional use. For example, if you want to fertilise cacti and succulents, you need other potting compost than when you plant daffodil bulbs. Specialist composts contain the right amount of nutrients and drainage. If you have no idea about which compost you should choose, please contact us. Our staff can advise what compost is best for your plants.

Multi-purpose compost

Probably the most used potting compost: multi-purposed compost. Garden plants grow best in soil with balanced nutrients, minerals and pH level. Some gardens have acidic soils and must be enriched by adding lime. Adding compost makes garden plants perfectly vigour and disease resistant. Garden plants perform best when routine liquid feeding is applied every 3-4 weeks. General compost is also known as multi-purpose compost. Multi-purpose compost from RHS SylvaGrow suitable for a wide range of uses around the garden. If you’re planting small patio pots, hanging baskets, herbs, vegetables and flowering bedding plants. We offer two different varieties of multi-purpose compost:

  • Regular multi-purpose compost
  • Organic multi-purpose compost

Peat-free compost

Ripley Nurseries also offers peat-free compost. The high use of peat caused a decline in natural wildlife habitats. If you desire peat-free composts, Ripley Nurseries can help you out. Peat-free compost is based on compost bark, coir and waste materials from parks. The lack of peat doesn’t impact the growth of garden plants. Many gardeners have been using peat-free compost and have not experienced germination or seedling growth problems. Peat-free compost tends to be a little more expensive. Check the label on the peat-free bag to see if it is recommended for your garden use. If you have any questions about using peat-free compost, please contact us.

Compost delivery

It’s hard to provide yourself with the products you need for garden jobs during the lockdown. Luckily, Ripley Nurseries offers a delivery service in the Ripley region. If you’ve added the compost types you like to your shopping cart, you can fulfil your order by online payment via PayPal or SagePay. Choose whether you want to pay by debit or credit card. All deliveries cost £10 and are scheduled Monday to Friday within three days of ordering. To check if we deliver on your postal code, check our delivery options on the website.

Buy compost from Ripley Nurseries

If you want to take care of your garden plants, shrubs, patio plants and a kitchen garden with the best compost, order composts from Ripley Nurseries by following the following steps:

  • Add the varieties of compost you prefer to your shopping cart
  • Fill in your contact information
  • Fulfil the payment with a debit or credit card
  • Wait for your delivery

It’s all that simple! If you have any questions about how to order from our webshop, please contact us on 01483 225090. We are always happy to help.