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Are you looking for the perfect Christmas Tree? Ripley Nurseries has been the place to go for the best fresh-cut Christmas Trees for many years. We grow our trees on the Surrey Hills

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Freshly cut Christmas treesFreshly cut trees - Ripley

This photograph is taken in the rain whilst labelling our Surrey Hills grown class 1 Non-Drop premium Christmas trees (Abies nordmanniana) known as Nordman Fir. The Nordman Fir is the most esteemed tree variety for Christmas. The Nordman Fir: 

  • Holds its needles through the festive season after being cut
  • Has a deep green colour and even shape
  • This year's crop is exceptional, having benefited from the recent rain. 

We harvest daily in the season to ensure you get only the fresh trees. We offer a range of small trees as well as tall trees between 6ft and 9ft.

Different types of Christmas Trees

During the holiday season, Christmas Tree shopping is the number one activity. Did you know there are several Christmas Trees available, from firs to spruces and pines. To find out the differences between the trees, here's a short list: 

  1. Nordman Fir: the most popular Christmas tree in the UK. It has long, full, dark, lush foliage with soft, round needles. Excellent needle retention.
  2. Norway Spruce: the traditional Christmas tree throughout the UK with the best shape. Needle retention is not very good unless the tree is freshly cut and kept watered.
  3. Blue Spruce: dark green to powdery blue needles. The needles are pretty sharp, so beware with kids and pets. Its stiff branches will support many heavy ornaments. 
  4. Fraser Fir: strongest branches that will hold up well ornaments. Excellent needle retention and brings a lovely evergreen scent. It has a narrow base - making it ideal for tight spaces.
  5. Balsam Fir: very rare in the UK. Dark green colour with silvery cast and fragrant. It has a powerful fragrance during the holiday season.
  6. Canaan Fir: combines the fragrance of the Balsam Fir with the better needle retention of the Fraser Fir. 
  7. Scotch Pine: dark green/blueish-green colour. Spreads a long-lasting aroma. Will hold onto its needles well if kept watered.

There are even more varieties available during the Christmas season. We assure you that we only sell the best quality Christmas trees. Please visit our garden centre in Ripley and choose your favourite.

Nordmann Christmas Tree

Our Abies Nordmann Christmas Trees are cut in the Surrey Hills. This premium grade Abies Nordmanniana, commonly known as the Nordmann Fir, Caucasian fir, Non-Drop Fir or Needle-fast Christmas tree, is one of the UK's most esteemed Christmas tree varieties. These Christmas trees hold onto their needles longer than other varieties and have a deep green colour and even shape. Ripley sells top-quality Christmas trees for an excellent price, ranging from £35.00 to £120.00. Please check our assortment and make your choice. We offer: 

How to keep my Christmas tree beautiful?

Ripley Nurseries sells the best premium grade Abies Nordmann Christmas trees. All of our trees are grown and cut on the Surrey Hills. We recommend the Nordmann Fir because of its longevity over the whole Christmas period. Here's how to keep your Christmas tree beautiful: 

  1. Let the tree acclimatize in the barn or under a shelter in the garden. After 24 hours, you can bring it indoors and start decorating.
  2. Place your cut tree in a tree stand that holds water. Make sure the water reservoir is permanently filled. 
  3. Don't place it too close to a heat source. 
  4. Don't hang too heavy ornaments on the branches

The tree should stay fresh-looking and retain most of its needles right through December and into early January if you follow these tips.

Buy Christmas Trees at Ripley

From mid-November, we stock a significant offer on Christmas trees. Start Christmas shopping at Ripley Nurseries and choose your perfect tree. If you've found the right tree, take a look at our Christmas Decorations, Christmas Lights and Christmas Wreaths and Gifts. We have everything to get you into the Christmas spirit.

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