Norbury Blue Cheese

Traditional Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is made from the milk of cows, sheep, goats or buffaloes. It is one of the enormous varieties of different cheeses generally available. Blue cheese gets it name from a blue mould called penicillium roqueforti which is added to the cheese. The diverse flavours and textures of various blue cheeses are produced by introducing the mould at different stages in the process. Sometimes the culture is added to the milk at the beginning of the process and sometimes it is injected into cheese after the cheese has been formed. The culture is also a way of speeding up the maturation process producing a strong tasting cheese in a relatively short time.

About Norbury Blue

Started in 2001 Norbury Blue soon became a cheese noted locally for its distinct taste and flavour which is derived from our closed herd of Fresian cows whom have a rich and diverse diet, also which adds to the unique flavour  is the fact that all the flavours are not cooked out with the commonly used pasteurisation process.

Our closed herd of Fresian cows Graze on the lush meadow grasses at the foot of the North Downs by the river Mole, with its diverse array of wild life the cows are milked twice daily.

The milk is moved from the milking parlour to the cheese making dairy which is some thirty meters up the farm yard where it is then pumped into a 900 litre vat and heated.  The moulds are then loaded by hand and salted washed and transferred into the maturing room where they stay for around  4 weeks.  When the test results are returned the cheese is ready to be marketed.

Norbury Park Farm Cheese Company Ltd is a small family run company and we pride ourselves in our handmade artisan product and our non commercial attitude towards our much loved cheese that cannot be found in any supermarket.

Thats why you will always find Neil and Michaela put quality before profit.