Garden Sheds in Ripley

At Ripley Nurseries Farm Shop in Surrey, Ripley, we have garden sheds for sale near Cobham, Guildford and Woking. A shed is the perfect solution for storing garden equipment like a wheelbarrow or grass mower. Also the outdoor furniture can be stored here in winter or when you are not using it in other times of the year. Visit Ripley Nurseries to look at all the garden sheds available for you.

Types of garden sheds in Ripley

Looking for somewhere to store bikes, logs and other spare objects near Cobham, Surrey, Woking, Guildford or Leatherhead? At garden centre Ripley Nurseries we have got the ideal shed for your garden. In our garden centre there are different sizes of garden sheds, so whether you want a small shed or a large one, we have got it in store! There are various types of garden sheds, such as:

  • Wooden garden sheds;
  • Plastic garden sheds;
  • Metal garden sheds.

Garden sheds Ripley at Ripley Nurseries and Farm Shop

Wooden sheds for sale in Ripley

Our wooden garden sheds are made in different styles and with different features. Choose a shed that matches your wishes. A shed with large windows creates a lot of natural light within the shed. Other sheds come with a lot of additional storing space, which is nice if you want to save some space in your home. Our wooden sheds are well prepared for the typical British weather, so you do not have to worry your stuff in the shed will get wet. A wooden shed has a rustic look to it, so aside from being a useful addition to your garden with beautiful outdoor plants, it will also add to the look of it. You decide whether you want a dark or light wooden shed, and the size of the wooden shed. Everything is possible for your new garden shed in Ripley.

Garden Sheds at Ripley Nurseries

Gotten curious about the garden sheds we sell at Ripley Nurseries in Surrey? Stop by at our showroom and see for yourself all the sheds we have to offer! The materials for the sheds are in different styles so there will definitely be something to your liking. Our garden centre near Cobham, Leatherhead, Woking and Guildford, is open seven days a week so come visit us whenever you want! Find your favourite garden sheds in Surrey at Ripley Nurseries.