Flowers to pay tribute

When a loved one has passed away or you're expressing sympathy to a friend for a loss, sometimes the beauty of a pure white lily or a wreath of roses is more eloquent than any words. Choosing a tribute from the range of fresh cut flowers at our garden centre is a very personal way of expressing how you feel.

Favourite flowers: if you know there were flowers which were much loved by the person who died, these can be a touching way of saying goodbye with a personal note.

Celebrate a life: don't be afraid to choose colourful, vibrant flowers: you're not only grieving for a death, you're also celebrating a life well lived. Pink roses or camellias are joyful and optimistic, while yellow celebrates life, laughter and friendship.

Use symbolism: flowers have meanings beyond their beauty. Include hydrangeas for heartfelt sympathy, roses for love, or statice for remembrance.

Permanent memorials: plants are a long-lasting tribute to a loved one. Peace lilies for the house, roses or even trees to plant in the garden make thoughtful memorials. All can be found in our garden centre.

Please ask the staff in our Woking garden centre for more information and advice about choosing flowers suitable for funerals and memorial services.


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