7 tips for a strong Skimmia

7 tips for a strong Skimmia

This evergreen is hardy, so it's a very good choice for some extra colour in the garden! In case you have a skimmia already, or are looking into getting one, then this article is for you! Of course, you want to keep a skimmia beautiful and strong, so our plant team has gathered all their tips to give you a helping hand!

Tip 1: Favourite spot

The skimmia prefers a few hours of shade every day. It originates from wooded areas, where it stands under a thick canopy of leaves. Avoid placing it in full sun as it will turn yellow. 

Tip 2: Water

This plant is quite thirsty, so it loves a good drink of water. It requires a lot of moisture to keep its leaves green, so don't be stingy with the water!

Tip 3: Soil type

The skimmia likes a slightly acid soil. If you don't have any, it can be fixed in no time with our old trick... Add some copper coins to the soil and it will become more acidic. You can also use our hydrangea soil for this! We have this available at the garden centre. 

Tip 4: Pruning

Your skimmia does not need much pruning. If there are old branches and leaves, it is advisable to prune them. This helps it stay fresh and strong and prevents energy going to old branches. For good pruning tools, our experienced staff is happy to advise you. 

Tip 5: Pruning time

If you have to prune your new green friend, preferably do it in the spring. Wait until the frost period is over. As it is not a fast grower, if it is not necessary, leave it as it is.

Tip 6: Drainage

Although the skimmia likes water, be sure to have good drainage. Of course, this is not a problem in open ground, but if you put your skimmia in a pot, make sure that any excess water can drain away. The excess water can create root rot.

Tip 7: Christmas

The skimmia is famous for the fact that it is often used in Christmas arrangements! The beautiful red berries are of course ideal for this purpose. So, feel free to cut a few branches during winter to use as decorations indoors!

Buying a skimmia

A skimmia is a great option for some green and red in your garden during the colder months. It brings life back to the garden when it looks dull and you can use some pieces for your personal Christmas decorations. In case you are looking for a skimmia, you are very welcome to visit our garden centre. Our staff is very happy to help you and give advise in case you have questions.