5 tips for a happy Laurustinus

5 tips for a happy Laurustinus

The Laurustinus is also known as viburnum and looks great in English gardens. This wonderfully fragrant shrub blooms in winter and early spring, so it's a welcome change when there is less greenery in bloom in your garden! Our plant experts have gathered their best tips to help you enjoy your laurustinus for a long time!

Tip 1: The foundation

The soil in which the Viburnum will be planted is an important foundation. It prefers an acidic and humus-rich soil. You can easily achieve this by mixing some compost into the planting hole. Compost can be found in our garden centre, so you are welcome for a visit. 

Tip 2: Water

The laurustinus loves a little extra water in the weeks following planting. It will feel at home quicker. Do not forget to water it during dry periods as well.

Tip 3: Pestering

Nobody likes to be pestered and neither does the laurustinus. It can sometimes be susceptible to greenflies or caterpillars. Ladybirds are a great way to get rid of greenflies. Caterpillars dislike the smell of chives and sage, so feel free to plant these herbs near your Viburnum!

Tip 4: Favourite spot

This beauty likes to be in the spotlight and in this instance we can take it literally. A sunlit location is best! 

Tip 5: Pruning

Actually, this garden plant does not need pruning. If you do want to keep it under control, the best time to prune it is after it has flowered, in the spring. That way, there is no risk of pruning buds. For the best gardening tools for this job, you are always welcome to ask our experienced staff for advice. 

Buying a laurustinus

In case you are looking for some green and flowers in times when your garden looks a bit dull, then this great friend can help you along! It stays green during winter and that is mostly preferable during that time of year. It brings some life next to all the ‘sleeping’ other plants, where mainly branches are left. If you have questions about the care or location of your Viburnum, feel free to ask our experts. They will be happy to help you!