Horticultural Grits & Sand

If you're seeking to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your garden or outdoor space, our array of horticultural grits and sands, including gravel, play sand, coarse grit, and Cotswold chippings, presents a perfect solution. These materials are available in various sizes and hues, enabling you to create eye-catching features, improve soil drainage, and add a layer of sophistication to your plantings.

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Why use gravel for your outdoor space?

Gravel, with its myriad of colours and textures, can transform pathways and seating areas into works of art, reflecting your unique style and complementing the natural beauty of your garden. Play sand, finely textured and soft, is not only ideal for children's play areas but can also be used to lighten heavy soils, promoting better root growth and enhancing plant health.

How to use coarse grit or shippings in your garden

Coarse grit, with its larger particles, is excellent for adding to compost mixes, aiding in aeration and drainage, particularly for pots and containers. It can also serve as a decorative top dressing for pots, adding contrast and interest. Cotswold chippings, with their distinctive creamy colour, bring a light and elegant touch to any landscape. They are perfect for creating pathways that glow in the sunlight, bordering beds and gardens with a neat and tidy appearance, or as a decorative mulch to suppress weeds and retain soil moisture.

Horticultural grits and sands for garden and landscape design

Each of these horticultural grits and sands offers its own unique benefits and aesthetic appeal, allowing you to craft a garden space that is not only visually pleasing but also conducive to healthy plant growth. Whether you aim to establish a serene, inviting outdoor area or enhance the structural and textural aspects of your garden, our selection is sure to meet your needs.