Aggregates & Ornamental Stone

If you're aiming to introduce a touch of sophistication and flair to your garden or driveway, our selection of decorative aggregates and ornamental stones is the ideal choice. These aggregates are offered in a range of colours and textures, allowing you to fashion striking pathways, delineate flower bed perimeters, or even employ them as ground cover for ornamental zones.

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What type of aggregate do I need for my project?

The type of aggregate depends on the vision you have for your space. Gravel is a jack-of-all-trades, perfect for pathways or as a top layer for plant pots. Play sand brings a slice of the seaside to children’s play areas and can help with soil drainage. Coarse grit is your go-to for improving soil structure in pots. And for that quintessentially elegant British garden look, Cotswold chippings are unmatched. Pop into Ripley Nurseries, and we'll match your project with the perfect aggregate or shop online!

Can aggregates improve soil drainage?

Absolutely! Aggregates like coarse grit and gravel can be true lifesavers for waterlogged soils. They introduce air pockets and channels within the soil, allowing water to drain more efficiently and roots to breathe easier. It’s like giving your plants a comfy, breathable pair of wellies!

Are decorative aggregates only for looks?

While they certainly add a dash of pizzazz to any garden, decorative aggregates like our ornamental stones serve multiple purposes. Beyond their beauty, they can help suppress weeds, retain soil moisture during those warmer months, and even deter pests. It's not just a pretty face; it’s garden armour in disguise!

How do I maintain my ornamental stone and aggregates?

Maintenance is a breeze! A gentle hose down now and then will keep your aggregates looking fresh. To combat any pesky weeds that pop up, a weed suppressant membrane laid beneath your aggregates can work wonders. And remember, a little top-up every few years will keep your garden looking perpetually pristine.